Province of Falcrine
Provincia Falcrina



Superior Province

Laurentine Isle


Diocletianus, Archduke of Falcrine



Time zone

ERT -1, 0



Internet TLD


The Province of Falcrine (Eurasian: Provincia Falcrina) is a province of the Eurasian Empire. Its capital is Noviomagus Reginorum.

Falcrine has historically been at the forefront of medieval Eurasian history, specifically during the Eurasian Interregnum. Following the end of the Interregnum and the wars that followed, the Falcrine was reduced to an economic and cultural backwater for many decades, only beginning to regain prominence in the 1700's.

The motto of Falcrine is "Paulo maiora canamus;" "Let us sing of greater things". Today, Falcrine is a province frequently home to many Eurasian military maneuvers. Falcrine has one of the largest numbers of military bases in the Laurentine Isle, owing to its history of rebellion and insurrection.

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