Province of Judea (Eurasian Granada)
59 BCE - 289 CE
Flag of the Province of Judea

Preceded by

Kingdom of Granada

Succeeded by

Kingdom of Almeria


Almeria (Granada Maritima)


Eurasian (official)


Mos Maiorism (de jure)
Judaism (majority)


7 million (289 estimate)



Today part of

Arveyres, Duresia, Marquette, Eurasia

The Province of Judea (Eurasian: Provincia Iudaea) or Eurasian Granada (Arveyran: Granada eurasiatica) was a province of the Eurasian Empire from 59 BCE following the Treaty of Almeria granting Eurasian occupation and free market trade, until the Granadan Compromise in 289 CE which granted superior provincehood to most of the territories that comprised the Province of Judea.

During the 348 year occupation, monotheistic religions such as Judaism, the state religion of the former Kingdom of Granada, and later Christianity (following the Eurasian ordered execution of Jesus Christ in 33 CE) were highly oppressed and monotheists were highly ostracized by the Eurasian immigrants.

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