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The Province of Mantua (Eurasian: Provincia Mantua; Ienaran: Nanin-do TAA: 난인도; CN: 南人度) is a Province of the Eurasian Empire. Mantua was originally part of the Ienaran Confederation before the Ienaran War, and following the war was enveloped into Eurasia as a province.

Mantua was officially named a province in 1970, and is one of the newest provinces in the Empire. It is mostly populated by local natives of Oriento, but there is a substantial Eurasian colonial presence, especially amongst the colonial administration. The population has been under Eurasian influence for considerably longer than 1971, and in fact the first Eurasian presence in the reading was recorded in 1804 when naval vessel became separated from a fleet headed for another province and landed in the then-Empire of Tokugawa instead.

The Eurasian administration has been criticized by watchdog groups for apparent racist policies against the native Mantuans. However, the Mantuans are granted foederatii status, meaning that while they are not Eurasian citizens by law they do receive many of the same rights Eurasian citizens receive, and in Eurasian legal proceedings are considered above foreigners.

The motto of Mantua is "Unde homines nati, durum genus," which translates as "Whence men, a hard laborious kind, were born."

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