Province of Marianum
Provincia Mariniana



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Mediolanian Peninsula


Gaius Trebatius Testa



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The Province of Mariana (Eurasian: Provincia Mariana) is a Province of Eurasia located on the Mediolanian Peninsula. It borders Audrinia and is in the northern portion of the peninsula. Its capital is Isara.

It was seized at the same time as its sister province, Audrinia, from the Imbrispi Confederation after the War of the Numantine. It is less Germanically influenced than Audrinia, however, as its proximity to Arveyres has allowed Marianum to develop an "Arvero-Raetic" culture, meaning effectively that its customs and culture reflects a hybrid of the more rigid Eurasia and the more unconfined Arveyres.

Like Audrinia, Marianum is replete with ancient barrows, tombs, and ruins, and also is home to many secluded Deosian and Maiorist monestaries and temples, which have retreated into the wilderness so as to more easily commune with their gods. Many farms, most of which grow wheat and grain, are replete in the more rural areas of the western portion of the province, due to its less wooded nature.

The motto of Marianum is "Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito," which translates as "Yield not to misfortunes, but advance all the more boldly against them."

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