Province of Mosa Trajectum
Provincia Mosa Trajecta
Mosa Trajectum



Superior Province

Vesperian Shield


Gaius Julius Victor



Time zone

ERT -1, 0



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The Province of Mosa Trajectum (Eurasian: Provincia Mosa Trajecta) is a province in the Eurasian Empire. It is located to the immediate northeast of the Laurentine Isle, and its capital is Gaiatar Alata.

The province is located on the Valentian Isle, which it shares with Vicus Leodicus. The province was originally inhabited by the Vesperii peoples, but they were assimilated into Eurasia following a series of internally destructive civil conflicts, the results of which caused the survivors to seek entry into the Eurasian Empire. Today, the only trace of these ancient peoples can be found in their ruins, which dot the interior of the island. Any remnants of their language or their culture died out in the mid 1500's CE.

Mosa Trajectum is home to the largest salt mines in Eurasia, which are commonly used in prisoner labor and produce the second largest amount of salt in the world, rivaled only by the mines of Arveyres. Mosa Trajectum is flat and grassy, with high rocky hills in the northeast. The province itself has undertaken the construction of a number of public transportation projects, including the construction of the Tellus Mater Tunnel, which runs across the Pomonan Channel from Tripolis, Mosa Trajectum to Vicentia, Civitius.

The motto of Mosa Trajectum is "Quid non mortalia pectora cogis?" This translates as "To what extremes will you not compel our hearts?"

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