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The Province of Paestum (Eurasian: Provincia Paesta) is a province in the Eurasian Empire. It is located on the continental Norda proper, and is surrounded on three sides by Arveyres and by the Cytherean Sea on its southern coastline. Its capital is also its largest city, that of the city of Eryx.

Paestum is located on continental Norda and is one of the smallest Eurasian provinces. Though surrounded almost entirely by what could be considered Arveyran territorial land and waters, it is not considered an enclave nor an exclave, as it is merely a province of Eurasia, like Arveyres, but one upon which the Government of Eurasia exercises direct control. Thus, due to this status, travel between Paestum and Arveyres, at least for Eurasian and Arveyran citizens, is simply a matter of traveling as one would between two Arveyran or two Eurasian provinces, and requires no customs exchange.

Paestum is principally a vacation destination, but it also is a hub of trade and commerce, and is usually the first location used by Arveyran companies looking to make inroads into Eurasia proper. Paestum is thus an extremely wealthy province, and also one of the most diverse, as it is populated not just by Eurasians but also by the various social and ethnic groups that make up Arveyran society.

The motto of Paestum is "Lumenque iuventae purpureum," which translates as "The bloom of young Desire and purple light of Love" (lit. "Purple light of youth.").

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