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Provincia Saepina



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The Province of Saepinum (Eurasian: Provincia Saepina) is a province in the Eurasian Empire. It is an island province located immediately south of the Laurentine Isle.

Saepinum is renowned for its fishing industries and scenic, seaside towns and villages. Historically, the province has played a significant role in Eurasian history, and was one of the first provinces to declare alliance with the Emperor Cephorus I of Eurasia during the Interregnum. Due its island nature, it has been somewhat distant and independent of the internecine politics which often plague Laurentine provincial interaction.

The motto of Saepinum is "Fata viam invenient, or "The Fates will find a way," referring to the Province's historic neutrality and loyalty to the House of Eurasius. According to Maiorist mythology, the highest mountain, and active volcano on the island, Mount Etna, is the location of the god Vulcan's forge. The capital of Saepinum is Terentium.

Saepinum is also home to the largest Christian minority in Eurasia, as many Christians were exiled to the island to work in its salt mines during the 1st millennium. The Saepinese authorities are frequently forced to contend with Christian protests and uprisings as a result.

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