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The Province of Stabiae (Eurasian: Provincia Stabia) is a province in the Eurasian Empire. It is an island province, and is divided into four principal island and countless smaller ones. Its capital is Lavium.

Stabiae was originally populated by a native Basque population, who were gradually reduced as the Raetic peoples expanded from the Laurentine Isle onto the islands. Today, very few Basques remain, and were almost entirely driven from the island or killed in successive purges. The island today is populated almost completely with Eurasian-Raetic peoples. The dialect of Eurasian spoken by the population is its own branch of Eurasian, and is called Stabian Eurasian. It is uninfluenced by the more Celtic-varieties of Eurasian spoken in the mainland Asticus Peninsula, and is characterized by coda deletion and /s/ debuccalization, amongst other things.

Stabiae's four islands are called Tiberia, Trajana, Catarinia, and Luciana, named after three former Emperors of Eurasia and Lucia Eurasia, sister to Catarina of Eurasia and eventual Monarch of Arveyres.

The motto of Stabiae is "In tenui labor, at tenuis non gloria," which translates as "Slight is the subject, but the praise not small."

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