Province of Tergeste
Provincia Tergestia



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Asticus Peninsula


Marcus Antistius Labeo



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The Province of Tergeste (Eurasian: Provincia Tergeste) is a province in the Eurasian Empire. It is located at the northernmost-tip of the Asticus Peninsula, and its capital is Olisipo.

Tergeste was, in times past, home to Celtic natives of the Asticii tribes. They were conquered by the Laurentine Republic in the 50's BCE, by Julius Eurasius specifically, prior to the formation of Eurasia as an empire, and today are indistinguishable, culturally and heritage-wise, and very little remains of the ancient Celtic cultures, save for the dialect of Eurasian spoken in Tergeste and its sister provinces.

Tergeste is a largely hilly and wooded province, though nearer the coast it is highly urbanized. A portion of the Esamir Superhighway runs through the woodland center, but otherwise very little urbanization, at least to the extent that it occurred on the coasts and certainly on the Laurentine Isle, has been seen. Tergeste's major industry is timber and mining.

The motto of Tergeste is "Durate, et vosmet rebus servate secundis," which translates as "Endure, and keep yourself for days of happiness."

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