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The Province of Tolbiacum (Eurasian: Provincia Tolbiaca) is a province in the Eurasian Empire. It is a mostly arctic province located far in the northwest of Esamir. Tolbiacum was originally uninhabited, but was populated by Eurasian sailors and military families during the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

Tolbiacum has an infamous reputation as being the home of many military experiments, including Operation Mariposa. It also was the home of the Spoletium disaster, and as a result is perhaps the most the most environmentally damaged province in the Empire. Almost 4/5 of the Province is directly controlled by the Eurasian military, and very few areas remain habitable, either legally or environmentally, for civilians. The majority of civilians who live in Tolbiacum are functionaries of the provincial government.

Though largely comprised of taiga and tundra, there are some more temperate regions in the far south. Tolbiacum is, principally however, a military province, with a small civilian population that mostly resides in the capital of Quevinium.

There has been added debate as to whether Tolbiacum should be dissolved as a Province entirely and the small population relocated, but this has stagnated in the Senate, with Augustus IV of Eurasia not weighing in on the matter.

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