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The Province of Vesuna (Eurasian: Provincia Vesuna) is a province in the Eurasian Empire. It is located in the Pantelian Sea, east of Norda and west of Orienta. Its capital is Vesunium.

Vesuna was originally a colonial holding seized from Ivania during the Eurasio-Ivanian War, alongside Brixellum. It maintains a large naval port in its largest harbor, but otherwise is principally a civilian province. Its main industry is fishing. The province is usually cloudy and rainy, and has many large cliffs and sea walls along its coastlines, and is considered to be a scenic, if damp, province. It was accepted into the Senate in 1806.

The province itself once had an indigenous Slavic population, but like many in the Outer Regions this was destroyed during the Omnestacita. Today, very few Slavs remain, and the overwhelming majority of Vesunans are of Raetic Eurasian stock.

The motto of Vesuna is "Nec mora, nec requies," which translates as "Neither delay, nor rest."

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