Province of Virconium
Provincia Virconia



Superior Province

Laurentine Isle


Lucius Martius Nerunius



Time zone

ERT -1, 0



Internet TLD


The Province of Virconium (Eurasian: Provincia Virconia) is a province in the Eurasian Empire. Its capital is Lactodorum.

As the westernmost province on the Laurentine Isle, Virconium is home to many mountain ranges and high rising cities. The highest-built city in Eurasia, Castra Vetera, resides in Virconium, built at the base of Aventine Mountain. The Virconian economy is largely based on mining and lumber production, as well as in metallurgy.

The motto of Vicronium is "Animus risu novatur," or "The spirit is refreshed with laughter."

Virconium is home to many mountaintop resorts, and in its high peaks many Eurasian patricians and wealthy plebeian families own villas and estates. Virconium is thus one of the wealthiest provinces, though no province on the Laurentine can be considered non-wealthy when compared to more underdeveloped provinces in the far east.

Virconium also possesses a small island in the Straits of Lusitania, called Mursa. m

Subdivisions of Eurasia
Superior Province of the Laurentine Isle
Argentomagus - Beneventum - Civitius - Falcrine - Saepinum - Virconium - Virigens
Superior Province of the Outer Regions
Ausona - Brixellum - Egnatia - Tolbiacum - Mantua - Vesuna
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Arveyres - Castra Albana - Florentia - Garulata - Melta - Ostium - Paestum
Superior Province of the Vesperian Shield
Calleva Atrebatum - Cortoriacum - Mosa Trajectum - Vicus Leodicus
Superior Province of the Mediolanian Peninsula
Audrinia - Labellum - Marianum - Mediolanum
Capitoline Prefecture

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