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Provincia Virigensa



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The Province of Virigens (Eurasian: Provincia Virigensa) is a province in the Eurasian Empire. It's capital is Aequinoctium.

Virigens is historically a large producer of paper and print goods, as well as tea and coffee. It is also a major producer of grain and wheat, perhaps one of the largest in the Empire per capita. Virigens is a more agrarian province, but is still highly developed, as are all provinces in the Laurentine Isle. Virigens is also home to the largest array of wind and solar powered facilities in the Empire, and is historically the site of many villas and farms. It competes with Civitius in wine production, but specializes in lighter reds. It is renowned for its moscato, however.

The motto of Virigens is "Vici mea fata vivendo", Eurasian for "I conquered my destiny by living."

Virigens is also home to the largest imperial-run medical center in all of Eurasia, the Trajan I Military Hospital. Its southerly location allows it to be occasionally hit with snows from the far southern seas, but this occurs rarely. The climate is temperate and warm,

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