A map of the Kingdom of Arveyres, showing all territories and large cities.

The Kingdom of Arveyres is a parliamentary monarchy consisting of fifty-eight provinces. The provinces are grouped into eight geopolitical administrative regions. Provinces are the first-level subdivision of government in the Kingdom of Arveyres and possess a number of powers granted to them by the National Code and by select legislation of the National Senate.

Of the fifty-eight provinces, four are provincial cities which are equal to provinces on an administrative level.


Flag Name Code Capital
FlagofAlhambra Alhambra ALH Cadiz
Flagofalmain Almain ALM Torres
Flagofanatolia Anatolia ANA Angora
Flagofandalusia Andalusia AND Andalusia
Flagofararia Araria ARA Erevan
Flagofascania Ascania ASC Valenzuela
Flagofassamsikkim Assam-Sikkim ASK Namchi
Flagofasturias Asturias AST Ingleces
Flagofbaleares Baleares BAL San Sebastian
Flagofcantabria Cantabria CAN Cali
Flagofcaradinia Caradinia CAR Belagra
Flagofcaspia Caspia CAS Namoru
Flagofcatalinas Catalinas CAT Saltas
Flagofcinzias Cinzia CNZ Cinzi
Flagofcuenca Cuenca CUE Cuenca
Flagofeasthavana East Havana HVE San Diego
Flagofentrana Entrana ENT Arandas
Flagoferitia Eritia ERI Carolitia
Flagofextremadura Extremadura EXT Albacete
Flagofgerona Gerona GER Gerona City
Flagofgranada Granada GRA Almeria
Flagofhighnavarra High Navarra NVH Barranquilla
Flagofhospitas Hospitas HOS Magistras
Flagofibarra Ibarra IBA La Capra
Flagofjordan Jordan JOR Amman
Flagofkarlsmark Karlsmark KAR Karlstad
Flagoflownavarra Low Navarra NVL Las Palmas
Flagoflowercordoba Lower Cordoba CRL Casablanca
Flagoflaurentia Laurentia LAU Lirenze
Flagoflydia Lydia LYD Sivas
Flagofmacia Macia MAC Tivila
Flagofmalaga Malaga MAL Malaga City
Flagofmandalay Mandalay MND Mandala
Flagofmanipur Manipur MNP Kangla
Flagofmaracaibo Maracaibo MRC Maracaibo
Flagofmarina Marina MRN Marina
Flagofmarlborough Marlborough MLB Kensington
Flagofmarmara Marmara MRM Beyoglu
Flagofmizoram Mizoram MIZ Champai
Flagofmonastas Monastas MST Cachei
Flagofmontferrat Montferrat MFR Callevat
Flagofnevada Nevada NEV Las Vegas
Flagofnorthatlantines North Atlantines NAT Mercados
Flagofpallecines Pallecines PAL Alembia
Flagofprincipe Principe PRI Principolis
Flagofsalamanca Salamanca SLM Leon
Flagofsanaloisio San Aloisio SAS Taranto
Flagofsanandres San Andres SAN Salvador
Flagofsancamilo San Camilo SCA San Camilo
Flagofsalacias Salacias SLC Sara
Flagofsarivia Sarivia SAR Mutasarivia
Flagofsevilla Sevilla SEV Calabasas
Flagofsouthatlantines South Atlantines SAT Sotavento
Flagoftripura Tripura TRI Ambassa
Flagofuppercordoba Upper Cordoba CRU Medellin
Flagofvalencia Valencia VAL Amparo
Flagofwestatlantines West Atlantines WAT Alejandria
Flagofwesthavana West Havana HVW Antioquia