Herbert schmalz28

Faithful unto Death, by Duresian artist Herbet Schmalz.

The Purge of the Laurentine (Eurasian: Detrectio Laurentinae) was one of the greatest purges of Christians in Eurasia in nearly 500 years. Beginning in 716, it came as a reaction to the assassination of High Archprimate of Novem Deos Codenix Sirone Organized by vast array of Deosian militias, it saw multitudes of Christian communities, which had been tolerated, if not necessarily well-liked, by the Imperial Government destroyed and driven from the Laurentine Isle. The militias acted with the tacit approval of the government and of Julium, and little was done to stop their persecution of Christians. By the end of the purge, the Laurentine Isle had effectively been rendered Christian-free, with those who remained fleeing into deep hiding and only emerging years later during the reign pf Audrea of Eurasia.

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