Quintus Terentius Scaurus
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Political office

Praetor of Saepinum

Assumed office

10 January 2009

Preceded by

Marcus Sessus Trajus


Quintus Terentius Scaurus
8 October, 1970
Paestum, Eurasia

Political party



Isabella Scaura (m. 2000)



Alma mater

Universitu of Arbor Felix


Novem Deos

Quintus Terentius Scaurus, born 8 October, 1970, is the current Praetor of Saepinum. He is an adherent to Novem Deos. Prior to being elected Praetor in 2009 by the Senate of Eurasia, he was a a Senator for Paestum and was also an Under Minister at the Ministry of Justice.

Scaurus' tenure as Praetor has been marked by significant restrictions towards religious and ethnic minorities. He signed a controversial action authorizing the Ministry of Culture to deport almost two-thousand Zack immigrants for practicing Christmas celebrations during Saturnalia festivals. However, Scaurus was awarded the Imperial Governor's Medal in 2015 for his actions in protecting the faiths of the Empire, a move which seemed to signal the Imperial approval of his actions.

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