Redwood National Park


29 January 1936


Northern Pampas and Tahoe, Aloia

Nearest cities

San Rafael, Pampas
Yosemite, Tahoe

Governing body

Royal Park Service
Aloian Ministry of the Interior

Redwood National Park is an expansive national park in Pampas and Tahoe, Aloia. Redwood is named for the Argentine redwood, the world's tallest tree species, an organism found throughout north and west Diamanto. 

Redwood was established in 1936 as a national park of the Argentine Republic but became an Aloian park in 2016, when Pampas joined the Kingdom of Aloia. Redwood underwent a large expansion campaign under the Aloian Ministry of the Interior in late 2016, bringing much of the foothills of the Santa Catarina Mountains into its protection and making it one of the largest national parks in Aloia. 

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