Prince René
A photograph of René


16 December 1992 (aged 23)


Prince Fréderic V of Marquette


House of Vergara


Fernando Echeverría


Sofia X



René, Prince of Arveyres, Duke of Calabasas (René Augustino Camilo da Vergara; born 16 December 1992) is the third and last child of Sofia X, Queen of Arveyres and Fernando, Duke of Calabasas. He is a Prince of Arveyres through his mother and is third-in-line for the Arveyran throne behind his older sister Celia and his older twin brother, Manolo. He was educated in Calabasas for primary and secondary school and is currently studying at the College of Barranquilla in Navarra.

He is married to Fréderic Vedois, son of the Emperor of Marquette. The two were married in 2013 in San Francisco. René works as a legal translator in Cartagena. He lives in the Acrival Castle near Cartagena.

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