René Vedoys
Rene Vedoys
René Vedoys in 1973


June 4 1972 - August 8, 1979


February 10, 1896


July 13, 1983


Simone Chìmenti


Vincent II

René Vedoys (born February 10, 1896) was the king of Marquette from June 4, 1972 to August 8, 1979. He abdicated and left the throne to his son, Vincent II

René won the royal elections of 1972 against incumbent Simone Chìmenti with a landslide victory of 68% of the popular vote. He won on a platform of grassroots Marquetien patriotism and a revival of the free nature of Marquetien Orthodoxy, rather than the moral and conservative side of the religion.

Although he only reigned for about seven years, René managed to ally himself with his chancellors, Giorg'Marinella Albicio and Bianconare Persutia, and accomplish sweeping reforms to the social structure of Marquette, which reverted to the traditional laissez-faire rule of the previous kings of the House of Vedoys.

During the 1970's, Marquette's underground youth culture thrived and a new community of intellectuals arose in urban centers, inspired by the repression by the Chìmenti kings from 1952-1972. This generation of activists supported free speech and personal freedoms without intervention from the government, and were avid supporters of the re-legalization of all mind-enhancing substances, being heavy users themselves. 

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