Royal Aloian Navy
Alo navy
Coat of arms of the Aloian navy


"Non sibi sed patriae" (Latin: "Not for self but for country")



Total strength

109,398 active duty personnel
33,733 reserve personnel
136 deployable ships
215 total ships
1,850+ aircraft


Kronstadt Naval Base, Kronstadt


RAS Victoria Augusta


Gustaf XVI, King of Aloia

Minister of Defense

The Honorable Beth Moore

Secretary of the Navy

The Honorable Lee Morgan

Chief of Naval Operations

Admiral J.G. Barr

The Royal Aloian Navy is the branch of the Aloian Armed Forces responsible for naval operations of the state of Aloia. As of 2008, the RAN consists of approximately 110,000 active duty personnel and 215 total ships. The navy also includes the Coast Guard.

Commissioned naval ships are given the prefix "RAS," short for "Royal Aloian Ship." Non-commissioned ships receive the prefix "ANS," short for "Aloian Navy Ship." Coast guard vessels are given the prefix "ACGV," which is short for "Aloian Coast Guard Vessel."

The navy traces its history to a small fleet of ships established by the government of Saint Petersburg, even before the Baltic League existed. This fleet was established to defend Saint Petersburg's prime location at Saint Peter's Channel, which allowed them to control almost all trade between the Baltic Sea and the west.

Saint Petersburg was a founding member of the Baltic League and it brought its growing navy with it. This navy became a national navy in 1417, following the Peace of Halle. In 1593, it became the Royal Aloian Navy with the official establishment of the Kingdom of Aloia.