This navy will use a recolored version of the Estonian Air Force emblem, so I claim it. 'Cause I'm a playa.

Royal Apostolic Guard of Saint Beñat and Argiñe
Coat of arms of the Royal Apostolic Guard


Ez egin gaitzik eta ez izan beldurrik.


Saint Beñat and Argiñe

Total strength

55 active duty personnel
2 deployable aircraft
3 total aircraft


Castle of Bittor, Paradisu Island

Supreme Imperators

Eguzki, Kistiñe III


Ix. Exavyera Agurtzane
Ix. Yanamari Arantxa
Ir. Kerbasi Ugutz

The Royal Apostolic Guard Navy of Saint Beñat and Argiñe is the branch of the Ibarrasque Armed Forces responsible for protecting the monarchs of the state of Saint Beñat and Argiñe. As of 2017, it consists of 55 active duty personnel and three total aircraft. The guard mainly works to gather intelligence on threats to the monarchs, act as bodyguards, and lead the royals to safety in cases of social disorder.

Saint Beñat and Argiñe Guard Academy (SBAGA), located in San Beñaten Hiria on the island of Saint Beñat, is the sole place of training for aspiring members. The ranks and general qualifications within the force are as follows:

Title Number Qualifications
Supreme Imperator 2 Chosen to become Co-Prince
Imperator 3 Appt. by Co-Princes
Director 1 Have been Sr Special Officer for at least seven months and approved by 2/3 majority of the legislature
Senior Special Officer 5 Have been Special Officer for at least three years and approval by Imperators
Special Officer 10 Have been Clandestine Operative for at least two years or Special Agent for four years and approval by Director(s)
Clandestine Operative 7 Have been Special Agent for at least seven months and approval by Imperators
Special Agent 9 7 years of service and approval by Sr Special Officer(s)
Senior Field Agent 5 5 years of service and approval by Sr Special Officer(s)
Field Agent 15 Degree from SBAGA
Upper Class Ensign 7 Upper division student of SBAGA
Lower Class Ensign 10 Lower division student of SBAGA

*Note that "years of service" is measured in total years since becoming Field Agent

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