Royal Park Service


25 August 1916


Federal government of the Kingdom of Aloia


1100 Reykjavik Ave, Zumbrota, Victoria

Agency executive

Eric von Pfeil, Director of the Royal Park Service

Parent agency

Aloian Ministry of the Interior

The Royal Park Service is an agency of the Aloian government, which oversees the Aloian network of national parks. It is an agency of the Aloian Department of the Interior. The RPS is charged with a dual role of preserving the ecological and historical integrity of the places entrusted to its management while also making them available and accessible for public use and enjoyment.

As of 2014 21,651 employees of the RPS oversee 413 units, of which 59 are designated national parks. 2016 is the year of the centennial celebration of the RPS. 

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