Royal Tarajani Navy

Koninklijke Tarajani Marine

New Tarajan Jack
The Navy jack of the Tarajani Navy


Security on and from the sea


New Tarajan

Part of

Tarajani Royal Armed Forces


299,302 active duty personnel; 100,820 reserve personnel; 250 deployable ships; 405 total ships; 3,450+ aircraft



The Royal Tarajani Navy (Tarajani Dutch: Koninklijke Tarajani Marine), abbreviated as KTM, is the naval branch of the Tarajani Armed Forces. It traces back its origins to the birth of the Kingdom, and was involved in many wars, including the Altigantan Wars, the First and Second wars against Ashar, the Second Tarajani-Antanaresian War, and the Tarajani Civil War. Nowadays, the Navy is tasked with the protection of the coasts of the Kingdom and its interests all over the world, and it operates from many bases around the globe.

Thanks to the everlasting efforts and support of the various governments since the restoration of the monarchy, the Navy is now one of the most advanced and powerful navies of the world: feared and respected, its vessels are a powerful symbol of the Tarajani presence over the sea lanes.


The origins of the Royal Tarajani Navy can be found in 1597,w hen Sigismund Heinrich II, first King of Tarajan, decided to create the first unified naval force to protect the coasts of the Kingdom.

However, the navy only gained prominence in the XVII century: king Sigismund VI reorganized and modernized the fleet, which was used soon after as the spearhead of the new expansionist policy of the Kingdom. For the first time in Tarajani history, Tarajani vessels, both under the flag of the Crown or the OHC, reached all the continents, establishing trade stations and colonies, and laying the foundations of the future Tarajani Empire. The maritime expansion of the Kingdom soon made the Navy crucial for all kings and their governments in keeping control of the new colonies and sea trade routes. As a result, naval spending was in constant increase until the end of the XVIII century, when the needs of the Altigantan Wars forced the Kingdom to focus mainly on the army. The XIX century saw the return to prominence of naval spending: in this century, the Tarajani Navy was able to field the first ironclads and, then, iron battleships of the world.

Hr Ms Utrecht

The HTMNS Utrecht, a Tarajani protected cruiser, near Meisjegronden, in 1888.

In the XX century, the Navy was involved in the revolution and the consequent civil war, with catastrophic consequences on its numbers and organization. As a result, king Conrad III was forced to start a program of complete reconstruction of the fleet, which assumed the actual structure, and saw again a constant increase in importance and spending until now.

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