The Empress in 1965.


November 2nd, 1951 - February 26th, 1993


November 2nd, 1951


Isabel III, Queen of Arveyres


Empress Claudia


Tulius, Emperor of Eurasia




Mos Maiorism

Lucia Tigrida Eurasia Sabina Bellissima, (born Cupressenia Messalina Sabina Tigridum; 11 June 1993 - 26 May 2016) was the Empress of Eurasia. She died in 2016, having been unable to produce children. She remained Empress after her husband's death until her own death in 2016.

Sabina was born Cupressenia Messalina Sabina Tigridum in Torino, Granada, Arveyres, a city near the Eurasian province of Paestum to one of the "five families" of Arveyres, the wealthy ethnic Eurasian Tigrides family. She permanently moved to Julium, Eurasia at age 19 in 1952. She married Emperor Tulius in 1954 at age 21, three years into his reign.

Sabina was one of the most beloved figures in Eurasia in modern times, and her death was widely viewed as the passing of an era. Millions of Eurasians flocked to the streets to mourn her death, and in a rare joint declaration both Augustus IV of Eurasia and Sofia X of Arveyres declared a month-long period of mourning. Her funeral, held in the Pantheon in Julium, was attended by nearly all the reigning monarchs of Esamir, with Saint Beñat and Argiñe refusing to send any representative. After her cremation, her remains were placed in the Eurasius family mausoleum in Julium.

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