• 700 Natives from Oriento migrate to the islands.
  • 1677 Catholic Basques led by Beñat Ibarra and Argiñe Ibarra land on Zeru island.
  • Fuctidus 1677 San Beñaten Hiria is founded.
  • 1679 Constitution decreed by Beñat and Argiñe.
  • 1683 Natives of the islands have become extinct due to disease and clandestine massacres.
  • 1687 Slave trade with the Unseen Land begins.
  • 1919 Slavery abolished and is replaced by "eleyameya" system.
  • 1921 Fabricius Vitellius Eudoxius leads a military coup, overthrowing the government.
  • 1937 Eurasia begins sporadic attacks on the principality, now known as the Heretic Offensive.
  • Brumius 1943 Eudoxius is severely wounded by royalists and X
  • Frimius 1943 Heretic Offensive ends with the Eurasian cease of attacks and withdrawal from the region.
  • 1952 Policy begins of aiding Christian Basques from abroad get to the principality, primarily in Eurasia.
  • 1993 "Eleyameya" policy ends.
  • 1994 Riots on Infernu for representation in government take place.

Note: italics signify approximation

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