Saint Helena






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The Grand Duchy of Saint Helena, is an island state in the Kingdom of Aloia. The capital is Cayenne City and the largest city is Saint Helena. The state is located in the sea off the coast of Egnatia in Eurasia

Saint Helena consists of 5 major islands: Saint Helena, Saint Christopher, Trinity, Ascension, and Saint Lucia. Legend says that the islands were first settled by Christians fleeing from persecution in Eurasia. The islands have gone back and forth between the great empires throughout history.

The islands became a principality of Arveyres in 1912. The self-governing islands were appointed as the Duchy of Saint Helena shortly after their acquisition. Isabel III appointed the duchy to her cousin Prince Patrick, a descendant of Sofia VIII and member of the Vosges family. The islands gained independence and lost their status as a principality in 1947 following the Great War. Patrick II remained on the throne. In 1971, the islands became a protectorate of Aloia. In 1985, they became a state of Aloia.

Saint Helena is a unique state in that they're the only state that does not have the Monarch of Aloia as the titular head. Instead of the monarch of Aloia reigning as Grand Duke of Saint Helena, Maria of Saint Helena is the reigning Grand Duchess. Maria is the great-granddaughter of Patrick I.

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