Saint Peter's Channel


Naskigo, between Zumbrota and Saint Petersburg, in Aloia.

Part of

Baltic Sea

Primary inflows

South Baltic Sea (Sea of Saint Peter), Zumbro River


West Baltic Sea

Basin countries



Saint Petersburg, Zumbrota, Augsburg, Dortmund, Konigsburg, Hanover, Red Wing



Saint Peter's Channel, also simply called the Channel, is the body of water that separates the Aloian states of Victoria from Saint Petersburg. The channel is the primary outflow for the Bay of Biscay and south Baltic Sea into the west Baltic. The channel is a strategic location for control of Baltic trade. The channel's location has greatly contributed to the life and prosperity of Saint Petersburg, Aloia's second largest city.

The channel is named for Peter the Apostle, a major figure in Christianity. The channel was known in ancient times as Odin's River. It was renamed by the Christian founders of Saint Petersburg. Most trade out of the Baltic rim still travels through Saint Peter's Channel, but its significance was decreased by the construction of the Grand Arveyran Canal.

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