San Beñatren Hiria
SBH nokto
A night view of a channel crossing through downtown


28 Fructidus 1677 CE


Saint Beñat Island, Saint Beñat and Argiñe


Txanton Lizarraga


19 km2



Postal code(s)

SBA 001
SBA 011
SBA 201

San Beñaten Hiria (English: Saint Bernard's City) is a capital and third-largest city of Saint Beñat and Argiñe. The city comprises of the entirety of Saint Beñat Island, located in between the islands of Zeru and Paradisu. San Beñaten Hiria has an area of 19 km2 and a population of approximately 250,000. Since its founding, the city has been home to the House of Ibarra, as well as being the cultural and financial center of the nation.

San Beñaten Hiria was settled by the initial group of missionaries from Arveyres in late Fructidus of the year 1677. Saint Beñat is regarded as being the founder of the city and led it until his death. On Nivus 1, 1890, the city became self-governing with an elected mayor as its leader instead of being under direct control of the Co-Prince. Today, the city is a popular tourist destination and home to a large number of financial institutions.

The city is the primary water transport hub for the western half of the nation and the location of Holy Spirit Hospital, one of the most advanced hospitals in Oriento. San Beñaten Hiria is connected to Zeru and Paradisu by the Grace National Highway and Rail System.

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