San Lucia
San Lucia
View of San Lucia


500 BCE, settled since ancient times


Free City of San Lucia, Duresia


10,000,000 (estimate)


Maiore Vito Calina

San Lucia is the third most populous city in Duresia (after Clervau and Kresburg) and is the most populous city of West Ascania, the Ascanian-speaking part of Duresia.

The municipality (villa de Lucia) has a population (as of December 2014) of 9 million, and the state (which is essentially the city and its inner-ring suburbs) has 10 million residents. San Lucia was ranked as the Esamir's ninth most important financial centre for competitiveness by the Global Financial Centres Index.

The city is home to the infamous Medical Institue of San Lucia and San Lucia School of Trade.

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