Flag of Saxony






Otto Handorf (Christian Democrat)

The Grand Duchy of Saxony is a state of Aloia and historical region in the south of the Aloian peninsula. Saxony's capital is Halle. The state has a population of 7.2 million people. 

The state consists of a pensinsula and the island of Rugen. Saxony's city of Halle was the site of signing of the Peace of Halle, the agreement which united the territories of the Baltic League under a common ruler, the Monarch of Anglia and Northumbria. Wittenburg was the location where Dr. Martin Luther published his 95 Theses, a document which ignited the Protestant Reformation. A unique Germanic dialect, Saxon, is today spoken in Saxony and throughout southwestern Aloia, including Victoria, Wessex, Constance, Danzig, Upper and Lower Silesia, Moravia, Pomerania, Saint Petersburg, Sudetenland, Westphalia, and much of Bohemia.

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