Scribonius Mengelius Largus
Mengelius after graduating from the Imperial Medical University

Date of birth

August 24, 1897

Place of birth

Arbor Felix, Civitius, Eurasia


May 9th, 1964 (67)





Political party

Eurasian Progress Party


Aurelia Mengelius


Mos Maiorism


Surgeon, Anthropologist

Dr. Scribonius Mengelius Largus (August 24th, 1897 - May 9th, 1964) was a Eurasian surgeon, anthropologist, and military officer during the Great War. He served as a Tribunus Angusticlavius in the Eurasian Military from 1926, and was one of the major planners of the infamous Omnestacita. He also helped to spearhead the Eurasian Government's various sterilization programs, including the Alpha V Program and the Sigma II Program. He is best known for working with the Duresian Dr. Arto Donâ in the Chillwood Concentration Camp.

Prior to the war, Mengelius was active in the military, serving as a military physician on a hospital ship, eventually becoming the commandant of the Patavium Military Hospital.

Following the end of the Great War in 1946, Mengelius returned to Eurasia and retired from the military, working as a family doctor in Arretium, in Civitius. He died in 1964, at the age of 67, from a heart attack. He was never prosecuted for his crimes during the war, although Newellian and Zach authorities did seek his extradition.

Early Life and Education

Largus was born to Scribonius Mengelius Largus (Sr) and Aurelia Mengelia on August 24th, 1897, in Arbor Felix, Civitius. Born to a wealthy merchant family, the elder Largus ran a successful shipping company, which afforded the young Largus a prestigious education and admission to the highly-regarded University of Julium in 1915. Largus graduated from university and entered medical school at the Imperial Medical University in 1917, graduating with a surgical degree in 1922.

During his time in medical school and university, Largus was active in several political groups, and befriended the future consul, Tiberius Claudius Donatus, while studying at the University of Julium. This, along with undeniable medical acumen and familial connections, lead to his success in the military.

Military Career


Mengelius in uniform, 1938.

Largus entered the military as a Hastatus Prior in the Eurasian Army. Initially, he was stationed in a military hospital as an internist throughout the 1920's, eventually being promoted to centurion and commanding a hospital himself. When the Eurasian Progress Party came to power in the Senate, Largus was promoted to tribunus angusticlavius and was placed as one of the ranking members of the Special Sciences Division. From there he maintained control over a number of projects, including the Alpha, Beta, and Sigma programs.

Largus also helped to produce the various research that the Eurasian Government used to justify repression of minorities, such as the Newellians and Zacks.

Great War

With the advent of the Great War in 1936, Largus was deployed to Newellia as a medical officer, and was instrumental in the deployment of various techniques designed to separate "non-indigenous" Newellians from "indigenous" Newellians. He was also opposed to the anti-partisan measures, calling it a "waste of resources". When the Invasion of Zackalantis took place in the late 1930's, Largus argued for the creation of the infamous camp system, which lead to the Omnestacita.

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