Sebastian Gill

Political office

Vice Chancellor of Aloia

Assumed office

10 January 2017

Preceded by

Michael Hayden


Sebastian Jeremiah Gill
2 December 1939
Santa Victoria, Patagonia, Argentine Republic

Political party

Christian Democratic Union


Silvia Fernandez Gill



Alma mater

Ventura State University
University of San Francisco


Presbyterian Church of Aloia

Sebastian Gill is the Vice Chancellor of Aloia and former Senator from Patagonia. Gill has been a leader in the Christian Democratic Union since Patagonia joined the Kingdom of Aloia in 2012. 

Gill is known for leading Aloia's Senate opposition of New Zealand's 2016 occupation of Blukon. Gill was the leader of the Blue Dog faction of the Christian Democrats. Gill's positions often clashed with then-Chancellor Alma Gillespie, the leader of the Christian Democratic Union.

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