Grand Duchess Selena
A photo of Grand Duchess Selena while attending an event in Aquino


7 March 1979 (aged 37)
Virgin Palace, Calabasas, Arveyres


Conrad Van Vinkel


House of Vergara (by birth)
House Van Vinkel-Karabak (by marriage)


Luceo, Duke of Andalusia


Nina II



Selena, Grand Duchess of Sdudeti-Karabak (Selena Nina Alba da Vergara di Vinocolo; born 7 March 1979) is fourth-oldest child of Nina II, Queen of Arveyres and Luceo, Duke of Andalusia. She is fifth in line to succeed her older sister, Sofia X. She was educated in Civitius for primary school, and Arbor Felix for secondary school; she obtained her doctorate degree in marketing at the University of Calabasas-Sevilla.

She is married to Conrad Van Vinkel, Grand Duke of Sdudeti-Karabak, Landgrave of Van Janusekstadt, and Marquis of Merlberg. Conrad is a cousin of the Tarajani king Friederick Wilhelm II. The two were married in 2012 and do not have any children yet. When in Arveyres, the couple are referred to as the Landgraves of Van Janusekstadt, a traditional title that is preferred by Arveyran monarchy.