Chernobyl, Ukraine

A satellite image of the Spoletium Exclusion Zone, which includes the entirety of the prefecture. The Spoletium Reservoir and Selymbria River are visible.

The Selymbria Prefecture (Eurasian: Praefectura Selymbriensis) is a prefecture in the province of Tolbiacum. It was the site of the 1989 Spoletium disaster, and now is uninhabited and completely enveloped by the Spoletium Exclusion Zone.

Prior to the Spoletium disaster, it was moderately-populated. The city of Selymbria was its administrative and cultural capital, and the outlying areas were mostly forest and farmland. Following the disaster, the entire prefecture was evacuated by the Ministry of Civil Defense, and is now uninhabited by humans. Unlike most other prefectures, with the exception of the Capitoline Prefecture, the Selymbria Prefecture is not administered by the Provincial Government in Quevinium, but instead by the Government of Eurasia directly in Julium.