Senate of Aloia
Coat aloia
Coat of arms of the Kingdom of Aloia


Lower house of the Legislature of Aloia

Term limits


Speaker of the Senate

Soledad Rhodes

Majority Leader

Robin Shields

Minority Leader

Dwight Phillips



Political groups

Majority coalition
Christian Democrats (20)
Social Democrats (12)
Greens (10)
Inokan Liberationists (3)
— Independent (6)

Length of term

2 years

Meeting place

Concordia Hall, Senate Hill, Zumbrota

The Senate of Aloia is one of the two houses of the Legislature of Aloia alongside the High Council.

The composition and powers of the Senate are established in Article One of the Aloian Constitution. The major power of the Senate is to pass federal legislation that affects the entire country, although its bills must also be passed by the Council and further agreed to by the Sovereign, through the Chancellor, before becoming law (unless both the Council and Senate re-pass the legislation with a two-thirds majority in each chamber). The Senate has some exclusive powers: the power to initiate revenue bills, to impeach officials (impeached officials are subsequently tried by the High Council), and, along with the Council, to choose the Chancellor. Each state is represented in the Senate in proportion to its population as measured in the census, but every state is entitled to at least one representative. The total number of voting representatives is fixed by law at 65.

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