View of the Raleel Heights neighborhood


1931 (unified from cities in the area)


Progress Prefecture, Keivasehum

Board of Directors

Taljalep E. Favrasei
Tiesmihl Y. Zeveel
Vouysta K. Sikion


1,179 km2



Seprastitosio is the largest city in Kaevi and one of the largest in terms of area in the world.



The city is divided between 61 districts with residents of each electing one representative to send to the Board of Representatives.

Districts are not permitted to form their own government, but the city government may pass laws that do not apply to all districts.

Income disparity

Sep map income


Seprastitosio is serviced primarily by light and commuter rail trains. However, most residents utilize bicycles to move throughout the city as automobiles are only permitted for emergency services and high-level government employees.

Sep map lr
  • Orange: East Line [LR]
  • Red: Central Line [LR]
  • Pink: National Rail [CR]
  • Purple: West Line [LR]
  • Pink: National Rail [CR]
  • Blue: North Line [LR]
  • Light Blue: South Line [LR]
  • Green: Perimeter Line [LR]

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