Seprastitosio National Palace
Nacia Palaco de Kevio
Kae pal sep
View of the Sunrise Pavilion

Architectural Style

Late Pokotil


Seprastitosio, Progress Prefecture



Construction period

1711-1719 CE


Esofavril I

Technical Details

930,000 sq ft


Reikam P. Kosevro,
Vokrul H. Inotaim

The Seprastitosio National Palace (Esperanto: Nacia Palaco de Kevio) is a national historic site of Kaevi and official residence of various political figures.

From its completion in 1719 to the dissolution of the monarchy in 1887, the palace was home to the Pokotil imperial family. Originally, the palace was located within its own city by the name of City of the Golden Dragon. However, the city was eventually merged into Seprastitosio in 1971. From 1971 to 1993, the palace was used as a satellite official residence for the Kaevise heads of state. The site is now the home of the residences and offices of the Seprastitosio Board of Directors, but has been mostly converted into a museum.

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