Sextus Aurelius Victor
Aurelius Victor, photographed in 2016.


Prime Minister of Culture

Assumed office

6 September, 2012

Preceded by

Decius Romilius Benedictus Felix as Pontifex Maximus Inferior
Florianus Metrolus Santius as appointed Prime Minister.


Sextus Aurelius Victor
20 March 1954
Letiolum, Tergeste, Eurasia

Political party


Alma mater

University of Julium


Mos Maiorum

Sextus Aurelius Victor (b. 20 March 1954) is the current Prime Minister of Culture of Eurasia. He was appointed to the Ministry of Culture in 2012, prior to which he was a member of the College of Pontiffs and the head of the Priesthood of Vulcan.

Aurelius Victor's tenure at the Ministry has been less controversial than that of his predecessor, Florianus Metrolus Santius, however minority rights organizations have argued that his tenure has saw similar repressive activities as with his predecessors. These organizations state that Aurelius Victor's Ministry has merely been quieter in how it goes about its business.