Sofia IX
A picture of Sofia at her coronation


11 September 1961 - 18 April 2003


11 August 1962


Mercedes II


Nina II


Lazaro, Emir of Casablanca

Royal house

House of Vergara


Andrés da Manila


Mercedes II




Sofia IX, Queen Mother of Arveyres (Sofia Mercedes Valeria da Vergara; born 16 April 1938 in Cadiz, Arveyres) was the Queen of Arveyres from 11 September 1961, to 18 April 2003. She was succeeded by her only daugter, Nina II.

Sofia ascended to the throne following the death of her mother, Mercedes II of Arveyres in 1961. She ruled for 42 years before abdicating in favor of her daughter, Nina II. Her reign saw the end of legalized indentured servitude of Newellians (who were forced into servitude during the Great War); and the re-establishment of the Senate in 1963.

Sofia's sister Sybilla of Aloia (called Serena before her marriage) married into the House of Nordahl and is the mother of Gustaf XVI of Aloia and the grandmother of Victoria III of Aloia, and the mother of Margarethe of New Tarajan.

Sofia had two children with her husband Lazaro, Nina II, Queen of Arveyres and Valeria, Duchess of Cuenca.

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