Sofia X
Queen Sofia in 2016


3 August 2012 - present


11 August 2012


Isabel IV

Heir Apparent

Crown Princess Celia


Fernando Echeverría
(1991-1997, his death)

Royal house

House of Vergara


Luceo, Duke of Andalusia


Nina II




Sofia X (Sofia Isabel Maria da Vergara; born 12 September 1972 in Calabasas, Arveyres) is the current Monarch of Arveyres, Grand Thaumaturge of the Royal Pantheon, and the head of the ruling royal house, the House of Vergara.

Sofia ascended to the throne on 2 August 2012, following the abdication of her twin sister, Isabel IV, who abdicated in order to marry Heinrik of Duresia. She was crowned in the Temple of Diana on 11 August 2012. She ascended during a very peaceful time in Arveyres, and is regarded as one of the most progressive leaders in Arveyres. Sofia oversaw the successful collaborative effort of the Invasion of the Khanate.

Born in the Virgin Palace in San Simeon, Calabasas to Queen Nina II and Duke Luceo of Andalusia. Sofia was educated at the elite Imperial Prepatory School in Civitius alongside Augustus IV, current Emperor of Eurasia, she later attended the University of Sevilla, and the University of Julium, receiving two doctoral degrees, one in medicine and one in pharmaceutical studies.

Sofia briefly served as a RAA-licensed nurse during the War in Atanosia on behalf of the Eurasian efforts. Following a fire-bomb attack on her nursing village she sustained first- and second-degree burns on her chest. She also aided and serviced in Atanosia from 1995 to 1998, being called back six months following the end of the war.

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