Soledad Rhodes

Political office

Speaker of the Senate of Aloia

Assumed office

10 January 2015

Preceded by

Marcus Granby


Maria de la Soledad Teresa Rhodes
19 September 1966
Minneapolis, Anglia

Political party

Christian Democratic Union of Aloia


Bradley Raymond (1995 - present)



Alma mater

University of Minnesota
University of the Sacred Heart



Maria de la Soledad Teresa Rhodes (born 19 September 1966) is an Aloian journalist and politician, currently serving as a Senator from the state of Anglia and as Speaker of the Senate. She is a member of the Christian Democratic Union. Rhodes is a cousin of Aloian Chancellor Hadrian Rhodes. 

Rhodes is the daughter of Edward Rhodes and Estela Marquetti. Her father was a grandson of Anthony Rhodes and first cousin of Hadrian Rhodes. While at the University of Minnesota, Edward converted to Catholicism. He began attending mass and met Estela Marquetti, a U of M student, the daughter of immigrants from Arveyres. The two became friends, and then became a couple and were married in 1958. Soledad was born in 1966, named for one of the Virgin Mary's titles, Our Lady of Solitude. She has four siblings, including journalist Orestes Rhodes.

Soledad was educated at the University of Anglia and the University of the Sacred Heart. She began a career in journalism in Minneapolis. She was successful working for various news outlets in Minneapolis. In 2006, she announced she would be seeking to represent eastern Minneapolis in the Senate of Aloia. She won that election, defeating Green Party incumbent Alvin Grasse. She has won in every election since then. In 2012, she successfully contended to become Leader of the Christian Democratic Union-led minority coalition. When the Christian Democrats gained control of the Senate after the 2014 election, she became Speaker of the Senate.