Kruziikro Laat
The Ufeweard Burg of the City


350 CE by Imperial Writ


Province of Cortoriacum, Eurasia


3,000,000 (estimate)

Solitude (Dovahzul: Kruziikro Laat, lit. "Ancient's End) is the capital city of the Province of Cortoriacum, of the Eurasian Empire, located in the hold of Haafingar. It is the heart of Dovah high culture, and serves as the seat of the Margrave of Cortoriacum. Historically it was a Basque settlement, however the native Basque population was displaced when the land was gifted to Lyrian mercenaries who had served in the Praetorian Guard of the Emperor of Eurasia. Since roughly 350 CE, it has been inhabited continuously by the Dovah people.

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