Artistic rendition of Laurentine hastati and principes, left, engaging Solvini hoplites, right.

The Solvini Wars (Eurasian: Bellae Liberationis, lit. Wars of Liberation; Ancient Solvini: δύσκολους καιρούς, lit. Times of Trouble) were a series of conflicts between Eurasia, at the time the Laurentine Republic, and the Solvini Peoples. Beginning in 508 BCE and ending in 396 BCE when the Solvini were eradicated from the Laurentine Isle. The war marked the beginning of the decline of High Solvini Culture and the beginning of the dominance of Raetic Culture.

The Solvini, an ancient people from whom many Eurasian laws and customs are derived, existed in a state of uneasy peace with the ancient Raetic peoples of the Laurentine Isle. However, beginning in 508, a series of border conflicts escalated into an all out war, with the Raetii unifying under the banner of the Laurentine Republic to drive the Solvini into modern-day Civitius, from where they were eventually eradicated in 396, forcing them to flee north to the lands south of Duresia.

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