Aloia is a federal constitutional monarchy, consisting of many federal states. Most of the states' titles correlate to their ancient forms of aristocratic government, with all of them recognizing the Queen of Aloia as their head. For example, the Kingdom of Anglia, the Grand Duchy of Finland, and the Duchy of Karelia all have different titles but equal authority in the Kingdom of Aloia. Victoria III of Aloia's titles in each of those states are Queen of Anglia, Grand Duchess of the Finns, and Duchess of Karelia. 

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The regions of Aloia, as defined by the Aloian Census and Statistics Agency, are the Aloian Peninsula, the Northern Peninsula, Insular Aloia, and Argentina.

The Aloian Peninsula consists of the historic center of the nation, including Anglia, Northumbria, Svea, Saxony, Wessex, Victoria, Konstanz, and Kent. The region is named because it is where the Aloian nationstate was established, following the Peace of Halle and Uppsala Synod, and has been (and still is) the cultural, economic, political, and population center of the kingdom.

The northern peninsula is home to Nordland and Finland. Iceland and Faeroe are located off the west coast of the peninsula. The northern states are primarily agricultural and are the center of right-wing ideology and policies in the kingdom.

The southern peninsula is home to most of the German states, Mariana, Pontus, and the former Kingdom of Bohemia. Ingria and Karelia are more culturally and socially connected to the northern peninsula, but they are geographically located in the south, north of Bohemia.

Insular Aloia is the state of Natal, located on the eastern island of Oriento. Natal is known for its beautiful mountains and verdant prairies. Natal is a hotbed of left-wing political thought, and many of Aloia's liberal leaders tend to come from Natal. Prior to statehood, Natal was the Natal Republic. Victoria's title in Natal is Empress of Natal. Insular Aloia also includes various small islands and archipelagos that Aloia claims.

Argentina consists of the territory of the former Argentine Republic, including the states of Patagonia, Pampas, and Tahoe. Argentina is located on the far western continent of Diamanto. Argentina consists largely of coastal mountain ranges and plains. Argentina gets its name from the highly productive silver mines found in the mountains. The whole continent of Diamanto is renowned for its large deposits of precious metals and gems.

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