Succession to the Arveyran throne is determined by descent, legitimacy, and marriage. Under common law, the crown is inherited by an individual's children and by a childless individiual's nearest collateral line. Established with the Kingdom of Arveyres in 1735, the law decrees that the crown must pass to the first eldest female and all younger females before going to the oldest male. This law was amended in 1756 to permit males to have equal succession rights to females in Arveyres, making Arveyres one of the first nations to install absolute primogeniture.

Queen Sofia X is the present sovereign and her heir apparent is her eldest daughter, Celia, Crown Princess of Arveyres. Next in line after her are her two younger brothers, Manolo and René being second and third respectively. Fourth in line is Prince Milo, the son of Prince René and Prince Fréderic of Marquette.

Current line of succession

The annotated list below of persons in line of succession to the eligible descendants of the children of Mercedes II. Persons named in italics are known not to be in line to the throne:

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