The Laurentine Isle and associated provinces.

The Superior Province of the Laurentine Isle (Eurasian: Provincia Supra Islae Laurentinae) is a superior province in the Eurasian Empire, located on the Laurentine Isle. It comprises the provinces of Civitius, Argentomagus, Falcrine, Virigens, Beneventum, Virconium, and Saepinum.

The Laurentine Isle is the most developed of Eurasian superior provinces, and is the center and hub of the Eurasian Empire, being home both to the Capitoline Prefecture of Julium, as well as Eurasian cultural icons such as the Circus Maximus and the Pantheon.

Subdivisions of Eurasia
Superior Province of the Laurentine Isle
Argentomagus - Beneventum - Civitius - Falcrine - Saepinum - Virconium - Virigens
Superior Province of the Outer Regions
Ausona - Brixellum - Egnatia - Tolbiacum - Mantua - Vesuna
Superior Province of the Asticus Peninsula
Bruttium - Caralis - Casinum - Stabiae - Tergeste
Superior Province of Arveyres
Arveyres - Castra Albana - Florentia - Garulata - Melta - Ostium - Paestum
Superior Province of the Vesperian Shield
Calleva Atrebatum - Cortoriacum - Mosa Trajectum - Vicus Leodicus
Superior Province of the Mediolanian Peninsula
Audrinia - Labellum - Marianum - Mediolanum
Capitoline Prefecture

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