Supreme Apostolic Tribunal of Saint Beñat and Argiñe
Gorenak Apostolikoak San Beñat eta Argiñeko Auzitegi


1679 CE


Saint Beñat and Argiñe


San Beñaten Hiria

Composition method

Authorized by

Royal decree
Ibarrasque Constitution

Justice term length

Until 90 years of age

Number of Justices


The Supreme Apostolic Tribunal of Saint Beñat and Argiñe (Basque: Gorenak Apostolikoak Saint Beñat and Argiñeko Auzitegi) is the highest court in Saint Beñat and Argiñe. Established by royal decree in 1679 and modified by constitutional amendment in 1743, the tribunal has the ultimate original and appellate jurisdiction over all cases. It is also the final interpreter of biblical and constitutional law.


As of the 1743 amendment, two judges are appointed directly by the approval of both Co-Princes, two are chosen by two-thirds majority of the legislature and one is directly elected by the people. Judges may serve until the age of ninety, impeached by all houses of the legislature, or resign/die. The members of the tribunal serve as coequal members and issues regarding moderation are resolved by rolling a five-sided die. The salary for judges is currently SBA£ 87,000 and can only be altered by up to 3% per year.


The tribunal hears, on average, only thirty cases per year. Like all lower judicial in Saint Beñat and Argiñe, there is no jury. Photos, videos, and audio recordings are not allowed, those not directly involved in the case of the proceedings are not allowed to be present either. Verdicts are decided by simple majority and in the event of a tie, the case will be automatically dismissed.

Any case may be chosen by the tribunal for a hearing, no matter what level it is in judicial proceedings. However, it has exclusive original jurisdiction in regards to government procedural matters, as well as cases involving church and national officials.

Hearings and deliveries of verdicts, by custom, always take place during the night. This practice originated as a way to allow the monarchs and the military to have time to prepare for violent protests while most people were sleeping in the event a particularly socially divisive verdict was reached.


Seat Name Birth Home province Term began Mandatory retirement
1 ♔ Dogartze Arrebola 1955 Saint Beñat 2013 2045
2 ♔ Bolibar Olamendi 1943 Saint Beñat 1998 2033
3 ☑ Olebuñe Zarra 1951 Saint Argiñe 2005 2041
4 ♙ Eduardo Oñati 1937 Saint Argiñe 1995 2027
5 ♙ Dante Magallanes 1974 Saint Beñat 2017 2064

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