A painting of Julius Eurasius as Emperor of Eurasia.

Be strong for war. Be bold against enemies and evil, and defend the people of the Empire.

Talos (Eurasian: Talus), known as Julius Eurasius, Ysmir in Cortoriacum, and the heir to the Seat of Sundered Kings, is the God of Man and War, and is considered one of the greatest heroes of Mankind. Much of his life as the mortal Julius Eurasius is shrouded in legend and hearsay. Upon his apotheosis as the god Talos, the Nine Divines are said to have rewarded him for his accomplishment with a place by their side. Talos is worshiped as the protector and patron of just rulership and civil society, as well as the patron god of warriors and heroes.

Talos' counterpart in Mos Maiorum is the Divine Julius, who is effectively the same theological deity. Both religious apotheosed Julius Eurasius upon his death, the Maiorist Eurasia legally and unequivocally and the Deosian Temple of the One shortly thereafter. Eurasius' apotheosis in Novem Deos, however, is more controversial, with some segments of the religion not accepting his divinity. In Cortoriacum, speaking against the divinity of Talos is considered a minor crime, and can garner a sizable fine.

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