Temple of the One
Temple of the One, Arbor Felix


Arbor Felix




Novem Deos




Deosian Gothic



The Temple of the One is the largest Deosian temple in Eurasia. It serves as the seat of the High Archprimate of Novem Deos, and its name is a metonym for Novem Deos. Its date of construction is unknown, however it is known to have been in existence for millennia, and is possibly older than the already ancient Pantheon in Julium. It is dedicated to the worship of Akatosh, the highest god of the Nine Divines, but maintains shrines to all the gods. It is believed by Deosians that the dragon-god Akatosh first promised the mortal woman Alessia he would banish the Daedra from Mundus, and as such is one of the holiest sites in the entire religion.

The temple itself is considered the counterpart of the Maiorist Pantheon. It has been home to the coronations of several emperors, and is the de facto seat of coronation for a Deosian Emperor. Many pilgrims travel to worship at the temple yearly.

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