Terre Haute-class destroyer
RAS Terre Haute in Saint Peter's Channel in 2013.


Terre Haute-class destroyer


Royal Aloian Navy

Preceded by

Cimarron class

Succeeded by

Solingen class


AL$1.843 billion


1988 - present

The Terre Haute class of guided-missile destroyers is the Royal Aloian Navy's first class of destroyers built around the Aegis Combat System and SPY-1D multifunction passive electronically scanned array radar. The class is named for Terre Haute, a city in Inoka. Like all of Aloia's destroyers, all the ships in the class are named for cities in Aloia. 

Ships in class

Name Home port Status
RAS Terre Haute Kronstadt Active
RAS Jurmala Kronstadt Active
RAS Eisleben Minneapolis


RAS Wabasha Minneapolis Active
RAS Hjo Minneapolis Active
RAS Erikskrona Uppsala Active
RAS Visby Kronstadt Active
RAS Brighton Kronstadt Active
RAS Jelgava Minneapolis Active
RAS Wayzata Kronstadt Active
RAS Phillipsburg Kronstadt


RAS Rockford Kronstadt Active
RAS Sheboygan Uppsala Active
RAS Frederiksberg Uppsala Active

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